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Hernando county is close by. For my job, inwas searching for seniors Nd getting uodated info..i used voter rolls to verify info... many times the senior had moved north years before but the voting still happened... i told sup of elections.. theybwouldnt so anyrhing. They even came intonthe retirement home to register voters... then then i knew it was a scam


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I heard you on Todd Wood's show saying that there are people and groups that claim to be about election integrity who are not. You said they got upset when you outed them. So, I looked on your website for the list of these people and groups that you have outed, but I didn't see it. Please email me when you have this list posted on your website, along with whatever evidence you have that these people are controlled opposition.

Thank you, Eli Dumitru

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Super job, Chris! Your work is so valuable for all Americans.

I'm in Pinellas and after the 2020 election I contacted some of the people mentioned in this letter. I was not able to get anywhere with the SOE office on dumping machines and excessive vote by mail. No wonder.

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